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April 14, 2012
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Pirate Scotland x Reader-Chapter.13
You fell asleep before Allistor, laying in his arms and being extra careful of his bruised stomach and your bruised cheek. The next morning you woke up before him, quietly slipping on your boots and heading out of the office. It was an hour after sunrise and everyone was already out cleaning up the remaining mess of the ship. They spotted you and one of them spoke up, "Oi! 'ow did ya' come up with that idea with th' rope and the crow's nest? That was bloody crazy but we all loved it!"

Then a second man spoke, "The lass isn't so bad after all! And 'ere you all that she was bad luck!"

"She's lucky!Only got away with a bruise on 'er cheek and a smile on 'er face!"Another called out.

You blinked in surprise, not expecting any praise from the crew."I...I d-don't know what came over me! I-I just wanted to help instead of standing there and watch you all fight!"
They all laughed and you could feel your face warm up bright red with embarrassment.Ross came up to you and patted your shoulder, "'ey now! Leave the poor lass alone and finish yer work!" They went back to work with mumbling and commenting about your actions yesterday. You sighed then looked up at Ross, "Good morning, Ross." He smiled down at you, "Mornin', Miss___, I'm surprised. Yer up before the capt'n, usually it's the otha' way 'round."

"Heh, I guess that is quite odd. The captain was wide awake when I dozed off so I guess he stayed up for a long time."

Ross shook his head, "I swear, that crazy dog c'n fight all day, celebrate all night, and still wake up lookin' fresh as a new day. Give 'im sometime and just ya' watch."

"Okay." You chuckled. "What about Evans and his crew? Where are they?"

"Gave them a choice; join our crew or get knocked out and tossed back on t' 'is ship. Gained 5 new crew mates but th' capt'n 'as t' approve of them." Ross replied, starting to walk around, with you quickly following behind him. "What about Evans? Where is he?"

Ross raised an eyebrow, "'es down below in is cell. Why?"

You bit you bottom lip and looked away, "He…he might know where my brother is…I won't know till Allistor has a word with him."

"Ya' really want t' find 'im, huh?" You nodded. "Well…ya' can't talk t' Evans but 'e still 'as ex crewmates around 'ere. Ya c'n ask them." Ross turned to a group of men who were picking up barrels and being carefully watched. "Oi! All of ya' come 'ere for a sec!" The group of men immediately stopped what they were doing and quickly came to Ross. They all looked at you with puzzled looks, either because you were a woman on a ship of pirates or because what you did.They're giving me weird looks...ugh,they better have SOME information for me or I'll smack them...,you thought, standing up straight.

"Yes,sir?" The tallest one of the group spoke up.

Ross patted your shoulder, "This lass 'ere is lookin' for 'er brother and was last seen with Evans and she needs some info. Care t' 'elp the lass out?" They nodded and said 'yes'. "Good now, 'er brother's name is…Christopher, right?" He looked at you to reassure if he was correct.

You nodded, "Yea, Christopher (last name). He's about two feet taller than me with dark brown hair and (e/c) eyes." The men mumbled between each other quietly then one of them on the right spoke, "Oh yea! You're talkin' about that little powder monkey aren't ya? He was a fool for giving in to easily when we took over his ship. He was a captain for one of the queen's ships but Evans turned him into a prisoner within an hour." Your eyes widened a bit at the news,so he was with Evans, and he was a captain!, "Where is he now?" You pressed on, the group murmured to each other and then the second man spoke up again."Don't know. He was with us for 3 months and was made a crewmember."

"Evans took a likin' t' 'im, he got t' see maps and all that good stuff. Basically became like a little lap dog t' 'im" A third man spoke up."I 'eard 'e stole a map and ran off on 'is own!That cheeky little devil!" A fourth man called out, making you scowl at him for calling you brother such a thing.Ross then spoke up to them,"Thank you,now get back t' work! Those barrels aren't gonna move themselves!"The group dispersed and you just stood there, shocked at what you just heard."I...can't believe all of this..." You said to yourself,not sure what to make of all of this."Well,there ya' go,lass.Hoped that 'elped ya a bit."

You blinked and looked up at him,"Th-thank you,Ross.I...I need to sit and think for a bit,excuse me..."You smiled at him then made your way the the front of the ship and sat sat on a barrel to think.Two hours passed and Allistor finally came out of his office,fully dressed and cleaned up,yawning and stretching."Mornin' sunshine!"Ross said, chuckling.Allistor rolled his eyes,"Oh haha, ya' think yer so funny,eh?"Ross grunted,"Oh yes,I'm hilarious!"He laughed when he saw a smile rose on his captain's face."Now where in the'ell did Miss ___ disappear t'?" Allistor asked grabbing an apple from a crate someone was carrying."Oh,she's over in the front,thinkin' up a storm."

Allistor took a bite of his apple then headed towards you.When he saw you,he kicked the barrel to get your attention."'ey! Why did ya' leave?"

"To let you sleep. I didn't want to wait for you."You didn't looked up at him,just keeping your head down and looking at the shore. "What's wrong? Yer not actin' yer usual self."He said raising an eyebrow and munching on the apple.You sighed and looked up at him,"Ross and I spoke to some of Evans crew mates and they told me a little bit about my brother..."

"And what did ya' find out?"He asked, sounding a little disapproving."He became part of his crew then disappeared on them."The Scotsman leaned next to you and finished his quick breakfast."I'm not goin' on no wild goose chase for 'im,___,I came for me treasure and that's it."You stood up and growled,"Typical pirate!Gah!" You pushed him away and started to walk off."'ey now!get back 'ere!"Allistor threw his apple chord into the water and started to follow you.

You walked faster but he was faster and easily caught up to you and grabbed your arm,"What d' ya mean by 'typical pirate'? Ya' got some nerve callin' me that after all I've done for ya!"You glared up at him,"Just that!You made a promise and now you're going to break it! I knew this was going to happen!" You yelled at him,ignoring the looks the crew was giving you.

"Hey! I haven't broke it!" Allistor yelled back, making the men around you step farther away.

You didn't believe him."Oh you haven't huh? Then prove it!"

"Fine,lass,I will!"He let go of your arm and headed down into the lower deck to the cells.You followed behind him in silence,keeping a small distance between you both and still glaring up at him.Gah!Why do I fancy this man again?, you asked yourself in your head as you walked down the stairs.
:iconepicstareplz: What's this? More news about your big brother?
He's a pirate???:iconreactionplz:
:iconcreepystareplz: What is the world coming to???

:iconpirscotpokerfaceplz:<--look what my friend made for me :'D

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